The Very Simon G talks florals and fashion for #ChicGoesWild!

Posted by Tara Walsh - 3rd April 2014

Fashion blogger, Simon Glazin from The Very Simon G knows a thing or two about trends and talks to us about this season’s must-have print, florals. Miranda Priestly’s retort in The Devil Wears Prada: “Florals, for spring. Groundbreaking!” is one of those rare lines in a movie that has stuck. It’s still remembered and repeated [...]


Scarves, the essential spring accessory

Posted by Barbara Kenga - 27th March 2014

The scarf, along with its counterparts the shawl, wrap, pashmina, snood or even chèche, to name a few, is a must for any wardrobe. Spring is a time when scarves really come into their own. Under sunny skies, it’s more than tempting to take off a jacket and keep the scarf. Scarves are multifunctional, that’s [...]


Cashmere for every season

Posted by Barbara Kenga - 12th March 2014

What’s that, we’re talking about cashmere even as spring inches ever closer?  Believe it. Let’s take a look at a material whose biggest advantage is that it can work for any season. Why? A cashmere garment can be composed of a varying number of threads. This doesn’t change the clothing’s quality, only its thickness. That’s [...]


Boy Meets Fashion: Men’s spring style

Posted by Tara Walsh - 11th February 2014

Boy about London town and all round fashion love, Jai’me from fashion blog, Boy Meets Fashion talks to us about the importance of menswear and what he’ll be wearing when the warmer months (eventually) grace us. It’s a very exciting time when spring is just around the corner.  A time when we will be waking up to increasingly [...]


Fashion Zen: The Three Trends I’ll Be Wearing This Spring

Posted by Tara Walsh - 31st January 2014

Guest blogger, Iris from Fashion Zen talks to us about her 2014 style. Read on to see what this blogger from The Netherlands picks to be the biggest trends! 2014 is officially here, and with the new year it is time for a fresh ‘spring-proof’ wardrobe. After New York Fashion Week, these are the three trends [...]